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Welcome to the Soda Shop! Empty Welcome to the Soda Shop!

Post by Aaron Wiley on Mon Feb 11, 2013 2:04 pm

Welcome the SS side of the board! Take the time to read through this short(ish) introduction to what the SS is, and what it's about.

What does “SS” stand for?
Nope, not the “Secret services”. It’s a sort of acronym for “The Soda Shop”, although you probably could have figured that out on your own.

Where did we come from?
Jacob Isom, the webmaster of a popular fan blog called “The Odyssey Scoop” is a man of vision. He felt the internet had use for a more Adventures in Odyssey focused message board.

“We needed to fill a void on The Odyssey Scoop and provide a way for fans to connect and discuss the world's #1 audio drama: Adventures in Odyssey. The Soda Shop Message Boards provide a safe environment in which listeners can connect and discuss, speculate, and relate to each other―all in an online community that reaches out.

We understand that there are larger scale message boards in the AIO online community to allow for fans to discuss anything and everything from Adventures in Odyssey to prunes (and we recommend them!). The Soda Shop Message Boards have been provided mainly to discuss Adventures in Odyssey―a more narrowed down message board pertaining to Focus on the Family's popular audio series for "tweens". Age doesn't matter at The Soda Shop. Feel free to step up to the counter and join the conversation.”

Why should you join the SS?
Do you like AIO? Do you want to discuss it with other fans that also enjoy AIO? Yes? Join.

Do I have to know all things AIO backwards and forwards before I can join?
Nope. Look at people like Garrett Vandenberg. The guy doesn’t even know how to spell George Barkley’s last name correctly, but they still let him on there. Of course, you will be required to answer a very basic trivia question in order for the website to recognize that you’re a real person, and not just a robot trying to join our site. Don’t get us wrong, we love robots, but they have a tendency to post a little more irresponsibly when on message boards.

What Does the SS have to offer me?

- A very easy to navigate layout
The SS prides itself in having a very simplistic navigational system. Even if it’s your very first time experiencing a message board, we’re sure you’ll be able to find your way around, money back guaranteed!

- An encouraging and helpful administrative team.
If you’re ever confused about anything, having trouble setting yourself up with a new signature, or even just need someone to show you around, we have a very helpful, very responsive administrative team that is always eager to help.

- The chat!
The SS is home to an active chat that hosts many discussions from Adventures in Odyssey to prunes! It’s the perfect place if you want to get to know some of the users in a less formal setting, or just need some friends to talk to. We love making new friends!

- An AIO focused message board
As previously mentioned, we understand that there are other boards out there that are set up for discussion of just about anything in a generally AIO themed environment, but the SS is a site designed specifically with AIO focused discussion in mind. While we have a section for general discussion, the primary goal of the site is to provide an environment for fans, new and hardcore alike, to discuss the world’s favorite audio drama- Adventures in Odyssey!

- Some really neat Odyssey themed games! (specifically, OUR MAFIA ROCKS YOUR SOCKS)
We here at the Soda Shop are pretty passionate about our gaming, but our admin run games are absolutely OFF THE CHAIN. Be sure to keep your eye’s peeled for games like Mafia, set in Kidsboro or the town of Odyssey, or Jason and Tasha’s secret word game!

Thanks for taking the time to check out what our board has to offer you. If you’re interested in joining (and, seriously, why wouldn’t you be?) you can go about it by clicking this link, and then pressing “register”. http://odysseyscoop.com/forum/index.php

Aaron Wiley
The Soda Shop
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